Constanta maritime port to Black sea

         Constanta Port it is located on the west coast of the Black Sea and is covering a total area of 3.926 ha.

Constanta port is considered to be in the third place in Europe as the covered area.
The annual handling capacity is about 120 million tons of murchandise.
This port is being serviced by 156 berths.

Constanta port allows access to more waterways. Connection to
the river is the Danube - Black Sea entrance

Our machineries Prodis Est

Acquisition of machinery and equipment permanently changed inception the company and is constantly upgrading to meet the challenges of new technologies and products demanded on the market. Below are summarized some of them.

Automatic ESAB plasma cutting machine, equipped with high definition Hypertherm source for thicknesses up to 25mm.

Amada press brake programmable machine with prism of 3500 mm, which allows us to carry out a variety of projects that require bending.

programmability allows this machine to be used mainly in series orders.

In the production of nipples, caps and other products that require pressing a press of 150TF is in use. This release was acquired, refurbished, refined and adapted appropriately in the Prodis implementation of the program initiated by our company to protect the environment.

It should be noted here that the products pressed by this machine do not suffer heat treatments before or during the process. Cold deformation is executed.

Another machine that allows us to increase productivity but also improve the quality is the automatic welding machine. This machine is for longitudinal welded joints and very useful in manufacturing of tanks and rezervoirs but also welded piping with diameters over 300mm.

It should be mentioned here as for raising the quality of surface finish, we've purchased a drying oven to keep certain parameters of temperature / humidity / ... after painting. In recent years following the idea to protect the environment, we've promoted to increase the use of coatings with water based paints.

Embossed products

Embossed products are made using hydraulic press 100Tf. In this category include:

- embossed caps, collars / lap joints, guide rings made of steel and stainless steel of different thicknesses and diameters up to 500 mm;

- welding collars / lap joints for sizes up to 500mm diameter,

- guide rings,

- other products that the process lends itself made based on drawings.

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