Component parts

We manufacture elements and stainless steel fittings of different thicknesses such as concentric and eccentric reducers, caps embossed of different diameters and thicknesses, bends steel butt weld pipe system for which the bends are intended. Parts of transformation from one type of geometric section to another section type, flanges and gaskets (standard and special) or stainless steel gaskets of different thicknesses.

In most cases we use sheet of 3 to 22mm thickness to produce these parts but other thicknesses are not excluded on the condition that they enroll in operating parameters of the machine.

The pieces are manufactured in compliance with standard or special requirements of customers.

A few guidelines to flat flanges

Flange DIN86044 Flange DIN2573 PN6 Flange DIN2576 PN10 Flange ANSI 150lbs Flange JIS5K Flange BS 10
from DN40mm up to DN2200mm from DN40mm up to DN1000mm from DN40mm up to DN1000mm from DN50mm up to DN700mm from DN50mm up to DN600mm from DN50mm up to DN600mm
- - - - - -

... Occasionally we sell from stock various types of sheet at sheet and also basalt wool in bags.

The physicochemical properties of wool is covering a wide range of thermal and sound insulation in tervalul 50-700 degrees Celsius temperature and keep optimum capacity insulation values up to 700 degrees Celsius can be used as raw material for manufacture of mattresses and sheets , thermal and acoustic insulation of various equipment.

Embossed products

Embossed products are made using hydraulic press 100Tf. In this category include:

- embossed caps, collars / lap joints, guide rings made of steel and stainless steel of different thicknesses and diameters up to 500 mm;

- welding collars / lap joints for sizes up to 500mm diameter,

- guide rings,

- other products that the process lends itself made based on drawings.

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